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A Revolutionized Mystical Evangeline becomes fully expressed in transforming the landscape of beauty, wellness & fashion with a trinity of answered prayers to uplift and bring solutions to the industries that encourage how we determine our value & self worth.

"In a world where fashion rules no longer apply, we are building our own thrones to bring a liberty consciousness to the altar of the free spirited woman"

XO | Evangeline 'Arah

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In 2019 'Arah Wainwright birthed Fleur de Lis' as a high end beauty brand that inspires women to practice intentional beauty wellness as a lifestyle through devotional acts of service

to their hair as an extension of their life force. 

Fleur de Lis Luxury Braiding Company is inspired by the Victorian era and its revolutionary impact on culture, arts and sciences that evolve human consciousness. Today we are a trinity of answered prayers as a miracle brand transforming the landscape of beauty, wellness & fashion.

The revolutionized Evangelist and the modern Mystic reconnect to design an interstellar beauty, wellness & fashion brand that celebrates a liberated society of women who are inspired by natural beauty, intentional wellness &

leading edge fashion. 

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Star Nova Miracle Birthing Ceremony
Sunset Gala | July, 22 2021

'Arah speaks of her dream and vision of becoming a Mogul from 2016, to arise from the ashes as a temple of safety and a chalice of light for the next generation of women & mothers.

Fleur de Lis' Summer Gala 21; Mystic Beauty Aura Intentional Beauty Product Launching Ceremony ft. Mystic Braid Majesty Art Instillation.

" I am the prayer of hope, the believer of justice and the pure love of the Heavens. I am the heir to a mighty throne..."

'Arah Wainwright


Fleur de Lis

Luxury Braiding Co.

Interview with creative director & founder
Kasharah " 'Arah " Wainwright

I refused to allow the heat of a lash devour my self esteem and place me in the condition of despair and hopelessness. Those valleys were familiar to me and I refused to go back to those depths. I had been on my own since I was 17 years old, raising my daughter on my own, fighting to survive and suffering the conditions of the world around me.

I knew that there was no way that I could just sit back and wait around for that same world to change; so I started working on building my business to change the world in me. I pulled in resources to support and stepped out to start what would become The World’s First Luxury Braiding Company. I wanted to teach self esteem and coach young women how to liberate themselves from their painful realities and in shifting my world I realized I was always fighting for the young woman inside of myself as well as those who would come after me......Read Full Interview



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'Arah Wainwright

"Fleur de Lis is the most peaceful way that I know how to advocate for women's liberation & empowerment. When I got my first art studio I instantly knew I wanted to hang a chair from the ceiling after seeing an actress hang one in her home as art..I was inspired!.. and it meant something to me... it inspired me to think about the liberation of our cultural arts as a peaceful act of virtue, to uplift our dynamic realities and to create a new meaning behind the wooden chair on the porch that we'd have to sit on to get our hair braided and I wanted to both honor our cultural history and evolve our world view. Prayers are woven into my art as I dream to inspire dreamers to access their imagination as an avenue to freedom in consciousness and spirit to access a fully manifested destiny.
We are walking miracles and braiding hair as a fine art is a peaceful act of virtue for generations of oppression through our cultural history."

Beauty Aura Science

"I believe I have a higher calling as a Braid Artist to weave an empowering prayer of freedom and liberation into the fabric of consciousness through the fine arts of beauty, wellness & fashion.

Braiding Hair for me has been a form of restorative justice and as we introduce new facets of wealth inspired by intentional beauty, wellness and fashion as an addition to the fine arts; we naturally create a butterfly effect that both uplifts and evolves our culture" 

XO| 'Arah 

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