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Healthy Hair Treatments

Create a lifestyle that allows you to exist freely in your natural serenity and develop a new relationship with your hair as an extension of your life force energy.

Hair work is heart work

Start your intentional hair journey with a devotional hair care ritual that allows you to elevate into an effortless lifestyle that pours into your emotional serenity. 

In a world that caters to a Eurocentric lifestyle it is essential to create positive reinforcement around our natural hair and discover new ways to start the day by pouring loving intentions into our crowns.

Our clients choose Fleur de Lis for intentional treatments to become educated in how to regulate their hair care rituals and together we create a treatment strategy that helps you reach your hair ideals.

Create a sustainable plan for your hair by wearing braids as a lifestyle, while you devote your time and energy to other important areas of your life. Walk into the doors of your destiny feeling empowered and blessed with a 6 Week Treatment plan that caters to your unique hair story. 

Book your initial appointment today to start a new relationship with the crown you wear at your heart 

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My Braids Are Royalty


Fleur Magic Treatments

Start a Gem, Pearl or Diamond 6 Week Treatment Plan for yourself to celebrate a new version of yourself!


Fleur Gem Treatment

Medium Box Braids $450


Fleur Pearl Treatment

Small Box Braids $550


Fleur Diamond Treatment

X Small Box Braids $750