Fleur Diamond Treatment

X Small Box Braids $750

Braid Majesty Treatment™ Healthy Hair Treatment Appointment Package helps to stay on track with a hair maintenance ritual to achieve healthy hair ideals.

Create a lifestyle that allows you to exist freely in your natural serenity and develop a new relationship with your hair as an extension of your life force energy.

About the experience:

Our initial Glow Beauty Consultation is a Cosmic Beauty Shift™ together we will release any old beliefs about your natural hair that are no longer serving you and create a new relationship with your hair, beauty and identity from heart to crown.

What's Included:

1 Full Service Installation Treatment Appointment: Deep Hydration Treatment, Crown Blessing Ceremony

1 Full Service Retouch Treatment Appointment: Deep Hydration Treatment, Crown Blessing Ceremony

With Each Appointment you will be provided with: 

Premium Braiding Hair

( choose up to 2 colors or ombre colors! )

Deep Hydration Treatments 

( Braid Magic Treatment for Healthy Hair Growth & Restoration )

Signature Crown Aura Blessing Ceremony

( Choose Lavender or Rose Beauty Aura )

The Crown Aura Blessing Ceremony™ helps you align with your highest vibrational awareness to amplify your diamond light energy for emotional regulation to restore, balance and optimize overall brain function & mood.

Mindful Disclosure: This is not a “healing service” and we do not practice any witchcrafts, tarots nor offer any energy reading services at Fleur de is Luxury Braiding Co. nor do any of our associates or affiliates practice such methods.

We are a Private Beauty Wellness Practice and this is a self devotional; beauty wellness service that uses a revolutionized women’s treatment methodology created by Holistic Beauty Wellness Practitioner Kasharah ( ‘Arah ) Wainwright which combines DBT and Emotional Transcript Regulation Therapy™ ( ETRT) with a Natural Hair Physiology™ that contributes to your heart centered path of evolutionary joy as you discover how to express the gorgeous light within.