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Fleur Pearl

Treatment Pass

Star Pass for Small Box Braids


Braid Majesty Treatment™ Healthy Hair Treatment Appointment Package helps to stay on track with a hair maintenance ritual to achieve healthy hair ideals.

Create a lifestyle that allows you to exist freely in your natural serenity and develop a new relationship with your hair as an extension of your life force energy.

About the experience:

Our initial Glow Beauty Consultation is a Cosmic Beauty Shift™ together we will release any old beliefs about your natural hair that are no longer serving you and create a new relationship with your hair, beauty and identity from heart to crown.

What's Included:

6 Full Service Installation Treatment Appointments: Deep Hydration Treatment, Crown Blessing Ceremony

With Each Appointment you will be provided with: 

Premium Braiding Hair

( choose up to 2 colors or ombre colors! )

Deep Hydration Treatments 

( Braid Magic Treatment for Healthy Hair Growth & Restoration )

Signature Crown Aura Blessing Ceremony

( Choose Lavender or Rose Beauty Aura )

The Crown Aura Blessing Ceremony helps you align with your highest vibrational awareness to amplify your diamond light energy for emotional regulation to restore, balance and optimize overall brain function & mood.

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