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Position Yourself To Soar

What sets Fleur Academy apart from any other braiding academy, class or workshop is that we educate and empower your total life liberty; from heart to crown, you will transform. You will unlock the highest version of yourself in order to become fully expressed in your braiding business.


Fleur de Lis Academy Application

Are you willing to take your passion for braiding hair to the next level  ?

This academy is for you if you are:

☆ Ready to learn a revolutionized sales blueprint to work less hours and get paid more money to live your ideal lifestyle

Transitioning out of a salon into independent beauty consulting to create a unique business strategy for your own brand

☆ An Advanced Braid Artists or Hairstylist/ Beauty Expert excited about the opportunity to invest in your personal development & business expansion

It's time for you to fully show up and allow your next level to be your blessed level.

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Stellar Beauty Mentor

Beauty Wellness Educator + Mentor

Beginning in summer 2015 I sought out a path to freelance as an artist/entrepreneur in the pursuit of emotional freedom and independence and would travel from Bel-Air to Malibu providing exclusive braid charms as a gorgeous pop up staple for birthday parties, special events including bat mitzvah's, ceremonial birthdays and sisterhood soul collectives. I now create custom designs as a ceremonial art to be worn by artists & revolutionaries who discover my work and to create ceremonial art installations that serve as monuments of restorative justice and provide a compassion centered braiding experience for my clients that feel like a luxurious soul treatment.

With more than 15 years in $10Million + In High Volume Sales Management, Luxury Boutique Management, Women's Treatment Counseling, Fine Arts Education in addition the the arts and sciences of cosmetology; I took everything I've learned up to this point to build a beauty wellness practice with my braiding services and I want to teach braid artists how to do the same through my 6 week intentional braiding academy and beauty wellness consulting mentorship where I will energetically walk side by side with my students to help them create an impactful business strategy to achieve high income goals while pouring a more loving energy into their dream lifestyle

Kasharah ( "Arah )  XO 


is the new luxury