Intentional Braiding Arts Certification

This is a Mastery Level Certification For Braid Artists who are ready to elevate their brand experience & create a soaring business strategy that leads to total life fulfillment & prosperity.

Learn to braid hair as an art form starting with the essentials of hair care and treatment and master high income consulting skills in our 6 Week Beauty Business Consulting Mentorship to position your business to soar

The objective is to get your business out of survival and into proceed revenue that allows you to work and operate at your own pace to create the life that works for you. 

Intentional braid artists can earn a sustainable base salary of $80,000/ Year using the 16 client/ month blueprint strategy that you will learn through the 6 week beauty wellness consulting mentorship as a part of Fleur Academy. Work as much or as little as you desire with a sustainable income structure using stellar sales & consulting skills that come natural with authentic confidence and belief in your driving purpose.

I started out as a mobile braid artist rehabilitating from heart break, taking Uber to clients because I didn't have a car and my 1 bedroom apartment wasn't serving to take clients as an independent mom.

When I got my first $2500 YES DAY with 1 client; I was anchored and determined that this had to be the new way for braid artists to be paid for our labor & skills in addition to our unique talents to rejuvenate and electrify the experiences of having your braids done by someone who cares about you and has compassion for your unique hair story.

It is an honor to teach my methods as I have been able to rehabilitate from the conditions of poverty as a consciousness and rise above the conditions completely. The true crown is worn at the heart and if you can commit to doing the heart work for yourself, you can be rested and well nourished by your life's true purpose.


Stellar Week Digital Orientation 
July 1st 2022

Enrollment Window: May 1st through June 30th or when seats are filled;

Learn at your own pace with 25+ Training Videos

Connect with a gorgeous community of Stellar Beauty Bosses and Women on a path toward

higher self love & enlightenment.

Join Live Weekly Consulting Mentorship Calls & Training Videos directly through our private community app curated exclusively for Fleur Academy Learning, Intentional Women & Beauty Bosses to build a supportive community.

A sister is worth a thousand friends, When you enroll in the Fleur Academy you will join a network of Stellar Sistars who elevate in unity & celebrate each other.

All skill levels encouraged to apply!

Price: $2000 | Empowering payment plans available 🕊


Beauty Constellation


Fleur de Lis Digital Academy

Fleur de Lis digital academy for the fine arts of braiding and intentional beauty wellness 
Founded by Kasharah Wainwright

Fleur Academy was founded as a breathing device of virtue for women of all facets to learn the essentials of hair care and treatment as an extension of our life force energy, to realize the unique expression of artistry through our natural gifts and to empower the economic advancement of women and mothers through independent beauty wellness consulting.

"I believe I have a higher calling as a Braid Artist to weave an empowering prayer of freedom and liberation into the fabric of consciousness through the fine arts of Braiding & Intentional Beauty Wellness.

Braiding Hair is a form of restorative justice and as we introduce new facets of wealth inspired by intentional beauty, wellness and fashion as an addition to the fine arts; we naturally create a butterfly effect that both uplifts and evolves our culture" 

xo | Kasharah Wainwright


Love Letter

Fleur de Lis Academy for Braiding Arts Founder

"When I got my first art studio I instantly knew I wanted to hang a chair from the ceiling after seeing an actress hang one in her home as art..I was inspired!.. and it meant something to me... it inspired me to think about the liberation of our cultural arts as a peaceful act of virtue, to uplift our dynamic realities and to create a new meaning behind the wooden chair on the porch that we'd have to sit on to get our hair braided and I wanted to both honor our cultural history and evolve our world view. Prayers are woven into my art as I dream to inspire dreamers to access their imagination as an avenue to freedom in consciousness and spirit to actualize a fully manifested destiny.

We are walking miracles and braiding hair as a fine art is a peaceful act of virtue for generations of oppression through our cultural history."

Highest Love, 

Kasharah Wainwright