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The Heiress & The Star
Healthy Hair Treatments

Enjoy the virtue of value with treatment packages that save money and give you more quality time  to enjoying your life! You will achieve a flourishing crown and find perfect harmony & life balance through a devotional hair journey. 


The true crown is worn at the heart and your hair goals are truly your hearts goals to be protected, adorned and blessed. 

We pride ourselves on client privacy, divine service and exclusivity to honor your heart worth journey as a sacred healing process and our treatments are designed with the highest grade of integrity with our organic luxury line of  grade treatment rituals paired with a braiding service to help you reach your hair goals. 

Take this moment to deeply honor yourself by booking your first million'heiress milestone appointment! 

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Fleur'Heiress Milestones

Purchase a Gem, Pearl or Diamond 6 Month Treatment Star Pass for yourself to celebrate a new Milestone in your divinity!

Devotional hair care is a true commitment to yourself and caters to the highest version of who you are always becoming. We've invested hundreds and thousands of dollars on ourselves to look our best; Now it's time to feel our absolute blessed and divine nature to achieve a Multi-Million dollar Heart Worth™


Fleur Gem Treatment

Star Pass for Medium Box Braids $1550

Fleur Pearl Treatment

Star Pass for Small Box Braids

Fleur Diamond Treatment

Star Pass for X Small Box Braids 

Platinum Fleur' Heiress Milestones

Purchase a Gem, Pearl or Diamond 12 Month Treatment Glow Pass for yourself to celebrate a new Milestone in your divinity!


Fleur Gem Treatment

Glow Pass for Medium Box Braids


Fleur Pearl Treatment

Glow Pass for Small Box Braids


Fleur Diamond Treatment

Glow Pass for X Small Box Braids